Remembering the Armada Commemoration at Streedagh Beach
3:00 PM15:00

Remembering the Armada Commemoration at Streedagh Beach

FREE EVENT: Beach Commemoration

An annual commemorative event taking place at the Armada Monument and on Streedagh Beach remembering the fallen of the Spanish Armada 1588. The wrecks of 3 Spanish Armada ships, La Juliana, Santa María de Visón and La Lavia lie under the sands at Streedagh.

Starting with a visit to Streedagh Strand wreck site, preceded by a parade from the Armada monument, and including a wreath laying event. Crosses of the Fallen, a commemoration at Streedagh Strand. Stones & Sand, a children's competition, Naval salute & ceremony at sea by Spanish Navy OPV Arnomendi.

Schedule of Events:
13:30-14:30 Walk from Grange to Armada Monument
14:30-14:45 Ceremony & wreath laying at Armada monument
14:45-15:15Parade & pageantry to shore
15:15-16:00Sand & Stones - children's beach event
15:15-16:00Sail by and salute by OPV Arnomendi



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