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Armada Lectures - Courthouse

A series of lectures on the Armada story and its connection to Sligo. Presented by renowned experts in the field.

Dr. Stephen Boyd (Lecturer in Dept. of Spanish, Portuguese and Latin American Studies at University College Cork)
Title: Cervantes & the Armada: Soldier, Commissioner of Supplies, Writer'

Dr. Francis Kelly (Expert on the life & career of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar)
TitleThe Carta of Captain Francisco de Cuéllar: A Chronicle of Survival in Sixteenth Century Ireland

Dr. Connie Kelleher (Underwater Archaeology Unit)
Title: 'The history of diving on the wrecks of the Spanish Armada in Ireland'

Dr. Karena Morton: Head of Conservation. National Museum of Ireland.
Title : 'Conservation of Material from special environments: Bog finds, La Juliana recoveries and other waterlogged material.'